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Lodz University of Technology in CWTS Leiden Ranking 2020

CWTS Leiden Ranking 2020 has just been released. It offers a sophisticated set of bibliometric indicators that provide statistics at the level of universities on scientific impact, collaboration, open access publishing, and gender diversity.

The Leiden Ranking 2020 provides a huge amount of statistics. The ranking covers 1,176 universities, six main fields of science, and ten time periods (2006-2009 through 2015-2018). For each combination of a university, a main field, and a time period, the ranking provides values for 50 indicators, yielding a total of 3.5 million indicator values. This clearly offers lots of interesting insights and a variety of indicators to explore the performance of universities from different angles. It is up to users to select the indicator that they wish to use to rank universities.

31 Polish universities have been classified in the ranking, including Lodz University of Technology. In scientific impact TUL has been ranked 727th (10th in Poland), in collaboration and in open access publishing – 884th (13th in Poland), in gender diversity – 774th (15th in Poland).

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