IAESTE International Traineeship Programme (https://cwm.p.lodz.pl/en/student-mobility/traineeships/iaeste-international-traineeship-programme)


Traineeships under the IAESTE International Traineeship Programme for students of Lodz University of Technology


  • Gain international work experience through paid apprenticeships;
  • The internships last from 6 weeks to 12 months;
  • Apprentices receive a salary covering the costs of accommodation, meals, cultural programme;
  • Internship offers in over 80 countries around the world;
  • Various categories of student internships in all disciplines of technical studies: at universities, in scientific and research centers and in companies (including industrial companies);
  • The Committee deals with the formalities related to the departure;
  • The registration procedure for students starts in November and lasts until February;
  • In addition, offers are available throughout the year at: www.iaeste.pl (http://www.iaeste.pl) 
  • More information and news: www.facebook.com/iaeste.tul (http://www.facebook.com/iaeste.tul)
  • We invite you to be a member of our committee.

IAESTE Local Committee
Lodz University of Technology 
7 Politechniki Ave. 
93-590 Lodz

e-mail: iaeste.plo@iaeste.pl(link sends e-mail) (mailto:iaeste.plo@iaeste.pl)
www: http://plo.iaeste.pl (http://plo.iaeste.pl/)

13-07-2021 - 09:22

Source URL: https://cwm.p.lodz.pl/student-mobility/traineeships/iaeste-international-traineeship-programme

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