EPS, an innovative semester programme.

EPS consists of a big multidisciplinary project realized in a multicultural student team, whose members represent various engineering and business programmes and communicate in English.

The project is accompanied by a few intensive courses.

EPS covers the whole semester workload (30 ECTS credits) and is characterized by distinctive principles. The projects address real-life problems, technological and societal demands and changes, and are conducted in collaboration with external partners or internal university faculties.

The scheme of EPS reflects an idea of student-centered learning. Multinational teams responsible for the project realization enjoy autonomy in decision-making and are facilitated rather than supervised by university tutors. The approaches adopted by teams in the process of project realization vary from Project - Based learning, through Design Thinking, to Problem - Based Learning.

European Project Semester is offered both in spring and autumn semesters.

EPS structure

  • Interdisciplinary Project (20 ECTS)
  • Team Building and Communication for Projects (4 ECTS)
  • Innovation for Projects (2 ECTS)
  • Project Management (2 ECTS)
  • Polish Language and Culture (2 ECTS)

EPS Projects Topics

Current EPS Projects

  • How to Make Fun from Throwing Rubbish

  • Modern and Sustainable City Bicycle with Improved User Safety and Control

 Previous EPS Projects

  • Mixed Reality Brings People Closer to Each Other

  • Lunar Regolith - The Dusty Side of the Moon

  • Sleep Deprivation - Is It a Real Problem in Modern World?

  • Novel Methods for Education and Promotion of Photovoltaics

  • De-Phubber - Proposed Solution to Smartphone Addicion in Young Adults

  • Human Behaviour in Fire – Safe Egress System

  • Hydrogen Vehicles Fire Safety

  • Grandpa, Please Show Me Your Perspective. Immersion Experience with Augmented Reality

  • Smart Clothes for Construction Site Safety

  • Project and Realization of Technical Embroidery as Reinforcement Composite

  • Application of NanoDiamonds for Society

EPS Project Funding

Please see the procedure with the attachments for funding EPS projects from the budget of the International Cooperation Centre.


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EPS Project Funding Rules

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