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Foreign universities from Erasmus+ Partner Countries interested in participating in the international student and employee mobility project (KA 107) implemented by Lodz University of Technology are invited to contact the International Educational Projects Division of ICC: (


Experience of Lodz University of Technology

Within the framework of available programmes for 2007-2013, Lodz University of Technology participated in Erasmus Mundus international academic mobility projects enabling the exchange of students and staff between higher education institutions from Europe and third countries. The aim of the initiatives was to support the socio-economic development of countries in North Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia through cooperation between higher education institutions within the framework of education, research and innovation. Lodz University of Technology acted as a partner in these projects, actively participating in the exchange of students and staff with partner universities:

We encourage you to visit the project websites.

Currently, this type of academic exchange is being carried out within the Erasmus+ programme of academic mobility of universities with Partner Countries.

Currently implemented projects

Lodz University of Technology implements Erasmus+ academic mobility projects for students and staff of Lodz University of Technology in cooperation with selected universities in Partner Countries, i.e. countries outside the European Union, which may participate in specific Erasmus+ activities depending on detailed criteria or conditions. These are countries practically from all over the world, divided into regions.

As part of academic mobility for students and/or employees of Lodz University of Technology, is currently carrying out exchanges with universities in the following Partner Countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, China, Japan, Serbia and the United States. In 2018, a request was made to extend the cooperation with universities from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Costa Rica and Mexico.

More information about the possibilities of the trip can be found in the "Student Mobility (" and "Stafff Mobility (" tabs.  

Below you will find information about current and already completed projects and agreements with universities in Partner Countries.

Currently realised Erasmus+ KA107 projects (

Completed Erasmus+ KA107 projects (

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