Partner Countries are countries outside the European Union that may participate in specific Erasmus+ actions, depending on the specific criteria or conditions.

These are basically states from all over the world, which are divided into regions.
Employees of Lodz University of Technology may apply for participation in and financing of mobility within the framework of projects implemented by Lodz University of Technology in cooperation with selected universities of Partner Countries.

We would like to invite all employees of Lodz University of Technology to learn more about the following:

  • the offer of grants for mobility for training purposes or for teaching at universities in selected Erasmus+ Partner Countries
  • a schedule of open qualifications for mobility with universities in the Partner Countries at the TUL
  • documents to be prepared and submitted before mobility 
  • documents to be submitted after mobility
  • the possibility to submit proposals for cooperation with a new university from the Partner Country
  • documents for download
04-06-2020 - 11:13