Active D2 - Active Double Degree Implementation of a collaborative study model based on active teaching and learning methods

The project is implemented from the NAWA Strategic Partnerships program in an inter-national partnership with the National Institute of Science and Technology of Lyon (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon), UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGO (UVIGO), UNIVERSITY OF A CORUÑA (UDC) and ETABLISSEMENT D'ENSEIGNEMENT SUPERIEUR CONSULAIRE IN&MA.

The university's priority in terms of internationalization is to increase the number of foreigners studying in foreign-language faculties at IFE Plc and to raise the statistics of foreign academic exchange. Priority internationalization destinations include France and Spain due to the level of cooperation with universities from those countries to date, their potential to implement dual degree programs and the popularity of the IFE as an educational destination for students there.

The aim of the project is to expand the educational offer with new, innovative educational paths - double diploma and student exchange programs. The double diploma agreements, developed jointly with INSA Lyon, UVIGO and UDC, will complement modern tools and active education and learning methods, as well as a quality management system. For the medium- and short-term mobility program, in turn, the IL and INEMA will develop mechanisms for granting partial qualifications. Activities will be complemented by good practice manuals - model guidelines for preparing and implementing such solutions. Students from universities in the consortium will participate in dual degree programs and new exchange models. Teachers from selected units, on the other hand, will participate in academic coaching training. The project responds to the needs related to the implementation of the IL Development Strategy 2020-2025 in the field of internationalization.

Active D2 is a project implemented from 1.07.2002 to 30.06.2024.

The project budget amounts to PLN 1,758,382.80


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