CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (CEEMAN IQA)

CEEMAN (International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies) is an international management development association established in 1993 which aims to accelerate the growth in quality of management development in central and eastern Europe. Today CEEMAN is a global network of institutions interested in quality of education and innovations in this field, as well as in the broad area of subjects related to change, with 200 members from 50 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. There are 17 Polish institutional members of CEEMAN out of which only 2 are universities of technology – Lodz University of Technology and Gdańsk University of Technology.

CEEMAN enhances management education through its unique accreditation process International Quality Accreditation – IQA which is addressed to educational institutions that provide management or business education. The accreditation process emphasizes BOTH internationally recognized quality standards and the relevance of an institution’s activities in responding to meeting the development needs of its customers and markets.

CEEMAN IQA objectives are:

  • encouraging international contacts among academics in the field of management education and research, but also close contact between institutions and their business partners, with the objective of better understanding business development needs and engaging in relevant practice-based research.
  • fostering processes of continuous improvement in all aspects of institutional activity and encouraging creativity and innovation in both the content of management education and the processes by which it is delivered.
  • paying proper attention not only to the managerial substance of management education but also to the broader questions of social, ethical, and environmental responsibility which business activity entails.

So far 29 HEIs have been accredited by CEEMAN, including 7 Polish universities.

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