Offer of support in the preparation and implementation of educational projects

The task of the International Educational Projects Division of the CWM is to support the employees of the Centre in the implementation of international educational projects within the framework of such programs as Erasmus+, the Visegrad Fund, CEEPUS, NAWA and others. The Section also initiates and implements its own projects for the benefit of the entire university.

We offer support to the units and employees of the Lodz University of Technology at every stage of preparation of an application for a grant and implementation of projects:

  • we inform about the rules of calls for proposals and the implementation of international educational projects within the framework of individual programs
    • we inform you about available resources and current calls for proposals.
    • we look for sources of financing for project ideas presented by the employees of the Lodz University of Technology, we verify project ideas in terms of their compliance with the requirements of calls for proposals and consistency with the Lodz University of Technology strategy
  • we conduct informational and training activities at the Lodz University of Technology on the preparation and implementation of projects
  • we support the process of preparing the project and grant application:
    • we facilitate the acquisition of foreign partners for projects coordinated by the Lodz University of Technology
    • we pass on the offer of participation in projects submitted to the CWM by foreign partners to the relevant units of the Lodz University of Technology
    • we assist in preparing the content of the application, in particular the part concerning the description of the university
  • we support the implementation of agreed tasks in the project: project coordination, SMPE employee participation in the project team, representing the team at coordinators' meetings, organization of events at the Lodz University of Technology related to the implementation and promotion of the project, etc.

We offer support to foreign universities and their employees interested in cooperation with the Lodz University of Technology:

  • information about the areas of interest and experience of our university within the framework of international educational projects
  • establishing contact with a relevant unit at the Lodz University of Technology interested in participation in the implementation of an international educational project
  • information on sources of funding for international educational cooperation offered in Poland.

From an idea to a project

We would like to encourage you to apply for funds for the implementation of your own educational projects in cooperation with foreign institutions

  • • Before preparing a project, it is worth to familiarize yourself with information about available sources of financing, i.e. programmes and funds (for more information, see the section Educational programmes and funds).
  • • If you have an idea for a project, we invite you to contact the Section, together we will search for a suitable program and call for proposals.
  • • An idea for a project usually results from the fact that a problem or need has been identified. The project, its objectives, activities and planned results are the answer to these identified problems and needs.
  • • At this stage, it is worth answering the question why the project should be implemented jointly by a consortium of universities and institutions from different countries. Were the common problems and needs of the partner institutions identified? Will the knowledge and experience of the partner institutions allow to find common solutions? Will the joint solutions developed within the consortium be able to be used by others? How will the project contribute to greater cooperation between partners?
  • • It is worthwhile to prepare a description of the initial concept of the project in order to carry out further work on its scope in a wider group (Wzor_fiszki_projektu.docx)
  • • If you wish the Section to verify the possibility of acquiring external funds for the project or to help with its preparation, please send the project card to the Section by e-mail or make an appointment for a meeting at which we will jointly discuss the concept of the project.
  • • It is also worthwhile to prepare a short description of the project concept in English, which can be sent to the selected partner institutions/universities in order to invite them to a consortium and further work on the details of the project concept. (Wzor_Project_Concept_Note.docx).

If you need support, please contact us:; tel. 638 38 73 (72).

We will help you at every stage of the preparation of your application. The sooner you apply with your idea, the better, because good project preparation takes time.

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