Within the framework of academic mobility for the employees Lodz University of Technology is currently involved in exchanges with selected universities in the Partner Countries.

Academic and administrative staff of Lodz University of Technology may apply for participation in and financing of mobility within the framework of:

  • targeted mobility - planned and accepted at the stage of submitting further applications by the TA for the implementation of mobility projects with Partner Countries (once a year); more information
  • open mobility (available through an open qualification, where candidates are assessed and selected by the university's Qualifying Committee); more information

The grant is awarded for short, weekly trips to specific universities in partner countries with which Lodz University of Technology has concluded Erasmus+ agreements. The employee's mobility may take place for the purpose of:

  • teaching (academic staff),
  • training (administrative and academic staff).

An employee qualified to go abroad within the Erasmus+ mobility with Partner Countries is paid individual support for the costs of their stay and a lump sum to co-finance the travel costs. Individual support is paid for a period of 5 days stay at a foreign university and, depending on the availability of funds, for a maximum of 2 days of travel. The amount of individual support for each mobility is the same and amounts to EUR 160 per day.

The amount of the lump sum for travel depends on the distance between the point of departure and the destination and is specified by the European Commission. To calculate the distance, a calculator available on the European Commission's website is used:…

All support is paid in Euro in the form of a transfer to a bank account.

Rules of mobility financial support

Currently, mobilities to partner countries are available under the Erasmus + KA131 project.

The rules of participation can be found in the Staff Mobility, Erasmus +, Program Countries.

The list of universities with which the University of Technology cooperates with valid agreement is available at:

List of partner universities with current agreement

The list of universities with which the University of Technology cooperates with possibility of extending the contract after prior contact with CWM is available at:

List of partner universities with the possibility of extending the contract

Contact person: Paulina Kowalczyk, tel. +48 42 638 38 74

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