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Academic mobility under the Education Program (EEA)

As part of the component II of the Education Programme - Mobility Projects in Higher Education -  Lodz University of Technology implements an academic mobility project for students and staff members, in cooperation with selected partner universities from Iceland and Norway.

The project is implemented between 01/07/2020 and 30/09/2022.

The total value of the project is EUR 95,020.

The project is co-financed from the EEA funds.

More information about the project offer is available at
Student Mobility and Staff Mobility.

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Flipped Education at TUL - visit of an American specialist under Fulbright Program

Dr. Elizabeth Mauch from Bloomsburg University in the United States, a specialist with over twenty years of experience in the application of student oriented teaching methods, came at the invitation of the Centre for International Education to Lodz University of Technology

The visit was part of the Fulbright Specialist Program, co-financed by the Polish-American Fulbright Commission. The Program enables Polish institutions to establish cooperation with outstanding American specialists and jointly implement projects in Poland.

During her two-week stay, from May 20 to June 2, 2019, Dr. Mauch gave an open lecture on the model of flipped classroom - an integral part of the student-centred system - and held workshops and individual consultations with 66 academic teachers representing various fields of study at our university. During the classes, our staff were able to familiarise themselves with the practical aspects of flipped classroom teaching.

The results of the visit will be used in the process of implementing the flipped education model at our university starting from the academic year 2019/2020.


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