How to complete the report online? ?

The Erasmus+ Mobility Report will be sent automatically from the Beneficiary Module system to your e-mail address after the mobility is completed.

When and how should I recognize my mobility?

Submit the documents before the end of your mobility semester :

What should be submitted to the Student Mobility Section?

What must be submitted to the Dean's Office (not applicable to IFE students):

  • Confirmation of Stay;
  • Transcript of Records (an original or a scan sent by the partner university directly to the TUL Coordinator or to :

Financial recognition:

Once the course recognition has been completed, a "Document of Recognition of Study Abroad Period" will be prepared for the Dean's signature and, after final verification of the correctness and completeness of the mobility documentation by the SMS office, the remainder of the eligible Erasmus grant will be paid according to confirmed duration of stay in the "Confirmation of Stay".

ECTS grade conversion:
A ECTS - 5
B ECTS - 4,5
C ECTS - 4
D ECTS - 3,5
E ECTS - 3
F ECTS - 2


Detailed information can be found in Rules for mobility of students of TUL to study abroad under the Erasmus programme

Appendix 1_Grant rates

Appendix 3 - Statement Green Travel

Appendix 4 - Schedule

Appendix 5 - Grades converter

Appendix - Achievements




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