The staff mobility of Lodz University of Technology to Program Countries is implemented under projects co-financed by the Erasmus + program.

These projects are coordinated by the Staff Mobility Division of the International Cooperation Centre of Lodz University of Technology.

What are the types of mobilities and who can benefit from them?

1. Staff Mobility for Teaching:

Academic teachers/researchers have the opportunity to travel to conduct classes combined with the exchange of good practices between universities. During the mobility, the participant is obliged to conduct a minimum of 8 hours of lectures. If the teaching activity is combined with a training activity during a single period abroad, the minimum number of hours of teaching per week (or any shorter period of stay) is reduced to 4 hours.

These mobilities must take place at a university with which Lodz University of Technology has a valid inter-institutional agreement. The chosen university must have a valid Erasmus Card (ECHE), granted by the European Commission, entitling to participate in the program. The list of current agreements.

2. Staff Mobility for Training:

Administrative staff and academic teachers/researchers have the opportunity to improve their professional qualifications, develop soft skills and raise language competences during trips such as:

  • International Staff Training Weeks, organized by a partner university or a foreign institution, in which a larger group of employees from various foreign universities participate simultaneously. The list of available International Staff Training Weeks.
  • Individual trips to a university or a foreign institution to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops or to exchange experiences between universities, the so-called job shadowing;

Staff mobility for training can be carried out both at a foreign university and at a non-academic institution (enterprise, organization, etc.) located in a country participating in the Erasmus + program. In the case of mobility to a foreign university, it must also have a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education granted by the European Commission entitling to participate in the program.

Funding from the Erasmus + budget is intended to partially cover the costs of traveling and living abroad.

Employees of Lodz University of Technology qualified for the trip receive individual support and a scholarship to finance travel costs:

  • The amount of individual support depends on the group of countries to which the country of the host institution belongs;
  • The amount of the travel grant depends on the distance between the place of departure and the destination and is determined by the European Commission in the Distance Calculator.

The current funding rules are described in the attached document.

An employee's stay abroad may last a minimum of 2 days (excluding travel time) and a maximum of 2 months however the funding is granted for a maximum of 5 days, regardless of the length of stay.


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