How to prepare for recruitment? Some good tips:

In the recruitment system, agreements of all faculties are available (under Centrum Kształcenia Międzynarodowego). 

Find information about current study programmes on the website of a foreign university.

  • Contact the Study Program Coordinator

Contact the Study Program Coordinator in TUL to obtain information about the learning outcomes necessary to obtain at your field of study while studying at a foreign university.

You should determine with the Program Coordinator whether you will achieve the desired learning outcomes at the university you want to choose during the recruitment process.


What should I do after I qualify for Erasmus+ studies?

1. See the general presentation

Presentation - What should I do after I qualify for Erasmus+ studies? ?

2. Read about the application procedure at a foreign university

Check: strict deadlines, online application, additional documents.

3. Fill in the application documents

You can check the field of education code ISCED codes for disciplines.

Before leaving, prepare and print only the "Before the mobility" section". Consult its content with the Study Program Coordinator at TUL. In case of changes to the program during your stay at a foreign university, please use the "During the mobility" section - fill in the document after consultation with the TUL Program Coordinator and send it to TUL for approval during the first weeks of the mobility.

4. Get signatures (send the scan of a document prepared by you with your signature by email directly to these responsible persons) 

5. Submit documents (by e-mail)

  • submit application documents to the Dean's Office (not applicable to IFE students);
  • submit application documents to the Student Mobility Division ( before deadlines at a foreign university! (required from all students) 
  • The documents must be sent electronically by students directly to the foreign university (by e-mail) or uploaded by students at the foreign university on-line applications (if available). If it is required to send any documents by regular post, they will be sent by TUL office. If the foreign university requires any additional documents, students are obliged to send them together with their application. 

6. Stay in touch with the Host University - check your e-mail frequently, as you may be asked to correct some documents or update some information.

If you face any delays in getting the documents signed at TUL and it may cause missing the deadline - please inform the foreign university about it and send the necessary documents as soon as possible.

Please remember that you are officially accepted for your mobility after the positive verification of your application by the foreign university. You should receive the Letter of acceptance or other confirmation of your successful application by e-mail. 

7. Read the documents

8. Sign the Erasmus + agreement

  • The agreement will be issued in the system after the submission of the Letter of acceptance with specific dates of stay from the foreign university to the Student Mobility Division, e.g. a copy / scan of the Letter of acceptance or an e-mail from the foreign university to
  • You will receive a notification via e-mail from the system. Read the agreement carefully and fill in the appropriate fields!

9. Enter the following data at

  • EHIC card number;
  • accident and liability insurance policies numbers;
  • bank account number in EUR !

10. Additional information

  • We suggest to register on the Odysseus website run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (obligatory for Polish citizens)
  • Check the rules of legalizing your stay.

11. If you are a student with "fewer opportunities", you have the right to receive an additional amount of support

  • if you are entitled to social grant at TUL, submit the decision to Student Mobility Division no later than signing the financial agreement for mobility;
  • if you are a student with disability, submit the certificate to Student Mobility Division urgently. You can also apply for additional financial support by filling in the application and submitting it at least 6 weeks before your departure

12. You can benefit from additional grant to support the cost of travel by sustainable means of transport "Green Travel" - it is a round trip that is made using environmentally friendly means of transport, such as train, bus or carpooling (carpooling between at least 2 people travelling by car for individual purposes on the same route). "Green Travel" does not include travel by plane, ferry, boat or solo car travel, in which case a one-off grant of € 50 per trip and the possibility of additional individual support for travel days (up to 4 days) is available. The number of days with additional financial support is decided by the SMS Office individually for each mobility.


Detailed information can be found in the document:

Rules for mobility of students of TUL to study abroad under the Erasmus programme (ERASMUS PROJECT 2023) valid from spring semester 2023/24

Appendix 1_Grant rates

Appendix 2_application Green Travel

Appendix 3_statement Green Travel

Appendix 5_foreign language grade converter

Appendix 6_additional achievements


Rules for mobility of students of TUL to study abroad under the Erasmus programme ( ERASMUS PROJECT 2022) valid from spring semester 2022/23

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