As part of Erasmus+ academic mobility, Lodz University of Technology is currently carrying out exchanges for students with selected universities in th whole world under the Erasmus+ academic mobility with Partner Countries.

Basic mobility rules:

  • students registered at Lodz University of Technology - during the entire stay at the host institution - may take part in a mobilitysemester in Partner Countries - at first, second and third cycles of studies,
  • a participant of an Erasmus + mobility in a partner country university can have the citizenship of any country in the world (the right to participate in the mobility depends on being a student of Lodz University of Technology),
  • The studies may take place in one of the universities with which Lodz University of Technology has signed an Erasmus+ agreement for student exchange within the scope of the field corresponding to the student's study program at Lodz University of Technology,
  • studies in a partner country university must last between 3 and 5 months,
  • before the departure, the student agrees with the home and host universities on the study program to be pursued abroad; the program for one semester must include courses worth 30 ECTS credits,
  • after the mobility, the learning outcomes achieved in the partner university are recognised in the home university,
  • the outgoing student receives a scholarship for stay from the Erasmus+ programme budget for a maximum period of 5 months and support for travel costs, the amount of which depends on the distance of the partner university from Łódź.

Detailed rules for mobilities to partner countries are available in the document:


List of partner countries with which TUL cooperates:

List of partner universities with current agreement

Financing rules:

  • • As part of the mobility at universities in the Partner Countries, the student receives a scholarship for stay and a lump sum to finance the travel costs.
  • the amount of individual support for each student mobility is 700 EUR per month; the student also receives a scholarship for the days of stay abroad that do not add up to a full month.
  • the amount of the scholarship for travel specified by the European Commission depends on the distance between the place of departure and the destination. The distance is calculated using the calculator available on the European Commission website:
  • the student receives 70% of the scholarship before leaving to a foreign university, and the remaining 30% after submitting Confirmation of the Stay at the partner university

Grant rates in partner countries:



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