IEP (Institutional Evaluation Programme)

The Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) is implemented with the support of the EUA (the European University Association), which is a reputable international institution recognized by the academic community. The IEP is a tool for developing and improving the university management system. It puts emphasis on common reflection and exchange of experience. It focuses on the quality culture and the extent to which the results of the quality processes implemented at the university are used in the decision-making process.

The IEP assessment takes the form of evaluation, not accreditation. The whole process consists of a self-evaluation carried out by the university, followed by the assessment of external evaluators. The result of these activities is not only a set of recommendations developed by the evaluation team, but first and foremost the development of good practices by university employees. Their implementation is intended to enhance the efficiency of university management and the effectiveness of its quality assurance system.

Subjecting to external evaluation by TUL is the implementation of its strategic objectives in the area of quality assurance, efficient management of the University and internationalisation. In 2019, 2 evaluation visits took place. Over 180 persons attended the meetings with the IEP Team (EUA) - University authorities and individual faculties, academic and administrative staff, students, doctoral students, and external stakeholders. The summary meeting at which the IEP Team (EUA) shared with the participants their observations regarding the functioning of the university was of great interest to the academic community. The report on Lodz University of Technology evaluation is available on the IEP website:

More information

Evaluation report for Lodz University of Technology

IEP evaluation is financed by the Ministry of Education and Science as part of the POWER project "International accreditations". The aim of the project is obtaining international  accreditations and certificates by Polish HEIs, increasing the international competitiveness of universities. Co-financing of the project from EU funds is 84.28%, the remaining funds come from the state budget.


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