WELCOME TULBOX - supporting organizational capacity and qualifications of administration staff of Lodz University of Technology in the field of services for foreign students and academic staff


Information about the project

The project is implemented by the International Cooperation Centre of TUL under the Welcome to Poland Programme in the period from November 2018 to June 2020.
The programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund within the framework of the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development, a non-competitive project entitled Improving the competences of academic staff and the potential of institutions to host persons from abroad – Welcome to Poland which is implemented under the Measure specified in the application for co-financing of project no. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN14/18.

The project aims at the organizational preparation of our university in the field of servicing foreign students and academic staff by:

  • improving the competences of administration staff in the field of interpersonal communication in an intercultural environment through participation in the training
  • increasing the availability of necessary and practical information and documents for foreigners at the university (preparation of guides and leaflets, internal documents of the university in English)
  • increasing and adaptation of the TUL Library resources for the needs of internationalisation: purchasing scientific and didactic books in English and French, fiction books in English and Polish, as well as preparation of e-learning courses in English to facilitate the use of the library resources by foreigners
  • facilitating acclimatization and development of language skills by foreigners studying at TUL in Polish by participating in extra Polish language classes run by the TUL Language Center.

Below you will find detailed information and news on the implementation of particular assignments. If you have any questions, please contact the Project Office: TUL International Cooperation Centre, ul. Żwirki 36, 90-539 Łódź, building A16, 1st floor, room 110, phone: 42 638 38 72.

Improvement of competences of TUL administration staff in the field of intercultural communication – training

As part of the project, we invite employees of TUL administration staff to participate in the training on intercultural communication. The training is intended for 50 employees who have direct contact with students or employees of foreign universities within the scope of their duties and/or tasks. The thematic content of the training will include the following specific points:

  • stereotypes and their impact on intercultural communication,
  • work/communication with persons coming from different cultures,
  • adaptation to life in a new culture and the phenomenon of cultural shock,
  • factors and methods for creating a friendly ambiance for a culturally diverse environment,
  • practical aspects of providing services to foreigners in the scope of university administration,
  • establishing interpersonal contacts with foreign students,
  • ways of dealing with difficult situations in contact with foreigners.

Participants will be divided into 3 workshop groups. For each group, the training will last 4 days and the classes are split into the following stages:

Stage I – 2-day workshops outside the seat of Lodz University of Technology (i.e. in a holiday resort in the Lodz voivodeship), the planned date is 10-11 December 2019 (for all groups)

Stage II – 2-day workshops at the seat of Lodz University of Technology, the planned dates are 16-17 December 2019 (Group I) and 19-20 December 2019 (workshop groups II and III).

Classes on intercultural communication will be run by experts in the form of workshops in Polish.

Materials: Rules of participation of TUL administration staff in the TULbox intercultural communication training


Preparation of information materials for foreign students and guests

The following information materials were prepared for foreign students and academic staff:

Practical Guide for International Researchers, Guests & Partners – a guide in English for foreign guests, mainly research and teaching staff from foreign universities

International Students Guide – a guide in English for candidates for studies and foreigners already studying at TUL

Guide for Foreign Students - a guide in Polish for foreigners applying for studies at TUL and studying at TUL

Thematic leaflets:

- TUL Students’ Self-Government

- TUL Dormitories

- Sport

- TUL Language Centre

- Psychological Counselling Centre

- TUL Library

- Student Assistance Office

- Safety Rules

- Places in Łódź

- 20 things to do in Łódź


English translations of internal documents and TUL websites related to servicing students and staff

The assignment will involve translating internal documents of the university into English (regulations, applications, forms, etc.) as well as the content of websites that are necessary or will facilitate the services provided to foreign students and guests. Translation of documents will be carried out until the project budget for this purpose is exhausted, but not later than June 2020.

TUL units are requested to submit texts for translation to the Project Office, contact us at 8-3872.

Materials:  Announcement to TUL units about translations as part of the TULbox project.


Extra Polish language course for foreigners studying at full-cycle studies in Polish

The Polish language course for foreigners is organized by the International Cooperation Centre in cooperation with the TUL Language Centre. The students that can be participants of the course are those foreigners who begin their studies at Lodz University of Technology, i.e. those who are registered for the first semester of 1st or 2nd cycle studies in fields of study run in Polish. Classes are also available to foreign students studying in the next semesters in fields of study run in English and French, as well as 3rd cycle students and students of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of TUL. However, participation is dependent on the availability of places.

As part of the project, 2 groups of students will be created (about 15 persons each) and they will participate in 60 hours of the Polish language course. Classes will be launched in the winter semester of the 2019/2020 academic year (from October 1, 2019 to March 1, 2020).

Materials: Rules of participation in the Polish language course for foreigners studying at Lodz University of Technology in the fields of study run in Polish.


15 October 2019

There are now free places on the extra Polish language course for foreigners studying at Lodz University of Technology. If you are interested in taking part in the course, please contact Ms Daria Bobovkina at tel: +48 42 638 38 78.


30 September 2019

We invite you to an organizational meeting which will take place on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 18.00 in the Language Centre of Lodz University of Technology, Al. Politechniki 12, Łódź (Building B-24), room 27.


Organizational preparation of the Library of Lodz University of Technology to provide services to foreign students, doctoral students and staff from abroad

As part of the project, the TUL Library buys printed books on scientific and scientific-didactic topics in English and French, as well as those on the customs and cultures of the countries from which foreign students and researchers come (non-fiction literature, reportages, guides, travel guides) as well as fiction, in English and Polish.

As part of the project, the employees of the TUL Library prepared e-learning courses for foreigners:

- “Library training for foreigners” e-learning course, which is an equivalent of "Library Skills Training", a compulsory course for students of Lodz University of Technology.

- “Science dissemination and open science” - The course zooms in on the subject of broadly understood dissemination of science with the use of available tools (also in the context of implementation of EU projects) and the benefits of open science for the scientific and academic community. The course is intended for students and employees of Lodz University of Technology, but it can also be used by non-TUL users who are interested in the presented topics.

More information on the website of  TUL Library



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