If the Unit of TUL cooperates with a university located in the Erasmus+ Partner Country and would like to develop this cooperation through student and employee mobility, it should submit a proposal of cooperation with a selected university to the International Educational Projects Division of the ICC.

At the turn of each year, between November and January, the International Educational Projects Division prepares an application of Lodz University of Technology concerning academic exchange of employees and students with the Partner Countries for the Erasmus+ (Action 1).

The project of mutual mobility with the Partner Countries allows for the possibility of financing the participation of several students in the semester exchange programme and several employees in weekly training trips or in order to conduct classes. It is advisable to continue and expand academic exchange with universities in countries with which Lodz University of Technology already cooperates within the Erasmus+ mobility programme, however, we encourage you to submit proposals to establish cooperation with new partners in other countries of the world (especially those of strategic importance for the Lodz University of Technology).

An employee of Lodz University of Technology who submits a partner university for cooperation should:

  • have the consent of the head of his or her unit for the proposed cooperation,
  • be prepared to assume the role of an academic coordinator of cooperation with a given foreign institution within the Erasmus+ programme,
  • cooperate with the SMPE in the preparation of an application to the National Agency for mobility funding with a given university, i.e. together with a foreign partner, prepare information on the application concerning the existing cooperation and plans for its development.

Foreign universities from Erasmus+ Partner Countries interested in participating in the international student and employee mobility project (KA 107) implemented by Lodz University of Technology are invited to contact the International Educational Projects Division of the ICC:

tel. +48 42 638 38 74.

27-08-2020 - 10:51

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