The task of the International Educational Projects Division of the ICC is, among others, to coordinate the activities of Lodz University of Technology in the field of applying for and implementing international educational projects, in particular within the framework of the Erasmus+, NAWA, Education (EEA) and other programmes.

Units of Lodz University of Technology and university employees who plan to submit their applications in the above mentioned calls for proposals are requested to contact the Section tel. (42) 638 38 73 (lub 72).

Applications under Erasmus+

In order to obtain the signature of the university authorities on the application documents for Erasmus+ projects, it is necessary to submit them to the International Educational Projects Division of the ICC (in person or by e-mail to: at least 2 weeks before the end of the deadline:

  • Declaration of Honour (for projects coordinated by TUL) or Mandate (for projects in which TUL is a partner)
  • Description of the project on the available form or the whole application form.

The documents will be delivered by the Division to the authorities of Lodz University of Technology in order to be signed. The applicant should also confirm to the Division (by e-mail) that the application has been submitted.

27-08-2020 - 11:10


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