Every TUL student can:

  • go abroad for 360 days at each cycle of studies;
  • participate in multiple mobilities at the same cycle of studies (long-term and short-term mobilities)
  • be granted an Erasmus+ scholarship;
  • obtain additional support from Lodz University of Technology in the amount of EUR 250 (upon approval of the Dean);
  • benefit from an additional scholarship for persons receiving a social scholarship and persons with disabilities

Where can you go?

Check out the universities where you can go to study


Attention !

Check the fields of studies of the contracts you are interested in. You can only select contracts that cover exchanges within your field of study.



European Project Semester

The European Project Semester (abbreviated as EPS) is a specially developed international programme, implemented in 18 universities in 12 European countries. EPS is dedicated to students who have completed at least 2 years of higher education at a technical university and is aimedat work in international groups on interdisciplinary projects in English. Students implement an interdisciplinary project by working in international teams and communicating in English during one semester. The results of the work are presented in the final report and team presentation which is a form of examination. Working in an international environment in English enables you to be equipped with all the tools necessary to succeed in the labour market. The projects are developed in cooperation with companies or are of an academic nature.

A list of universities offering EPS is available here.

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