How to settle mobility?

1. Confirmation of Stay:

It should be submitted to Staff Mobility Division within 2 weeks after the end of the mobility.

2. Settlement of the "Green travel" grant:

If the employee received this kind of funding, it is necessary to submit the Statement of the employee on the "Green Travel" grant upon return to Staff Mobility Division confirming that the travel was made in accordance with the "Green Travel" rules, together with the tickets for inspection, in case of travel by train or bus.

3. An individual report in the Erasmus+ Beneficiary Module:

The participant will receive an automatically generated request to submit an individual mobility report in the Beneficiary Module system. The report should be completed within a week after receiving this email.

3. Staff mobility participant report for TUL:

The employee should fill in the attached report and send it to within a month after the end of the mobility.

Each participant of the mobility is obliged to share examples of good practices with the team members of his/her unit in the field of organisational or educational solutions related to the area within which the mobility took place.

The participant may also be asked to take part in the events promoting mobility at Lodz University of Technology and share the experience gained.

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