How to settle mobility?

1. Confirmation of Stay:

It should be submitted to Staff Mobility Division within 2 weeks after the end of the mobility.

2. Settlement of the "Green travel" grant:

If the employee received this kind of funding, it is necessary to submit this document to Staff Mobility Division.

3. An individual report in the Erasmus+ Beneficiary Module:

The participant will receive an automatically generated request to submit an individual mobility report in the Beneficiary Module system. The report should be completed within a week after receiving this email.

3. Staff mobility participant report for TUL:

The employee should fill in the attached report and send it to within a month after the end of the mobility.

Each participant of the mobility should share good practices with the team members of his/her unit but also may be invited to take part in the events and meetings promoting international mobility at TUL.

17-03-2022 - 09:51