Student Assistance Office (SAO)

Student Assistance Office (SAO) is the place where you get first-hand help from other students. SAO is the link between you and the Student Mobility Divison. We will gladly help with your documentation, guide you and solve any academic doubt you might have. From your first day here in Łódź, we will make sure to make your academic experience a pleasant one. We will also assist in the creation of your timetable and help you get around campus, so as soon as you arrive to the University, don't forget to come to SAO to say hello!

You may visit us on Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday between 10:00 and 15:00

International Cooperation Centre Building (A16), 1st floor, room 112
Lodz University of Technology
ul. Żwirki 36
90-539 Łódź

or write us an email at

08-10-2021 - 16:46

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