Academic Ranking of World Universities

The Shanghai Ranking is considered the most recognizable and prestigious international ranking. It is based on a relatively small number of indicators.

It includes:

  • the number of Nobel Prize and Fields Medal winners among graduates and staff,
  • the number of authors of the most frequently cited works and publications among the staff,  
  • data on the number of the university publications.

The authors of the rankingchoose 500 or 4% of the best ones from among about 20,000 universities worldwide. Only two Polish universities are among the 500 best universities in the world - the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University. In addition to the main ranking, an additional list is also published - a list of universities that in the coming years have a chance to be included in the Shanghai ranking (ARWU World Top Candidates). In 2018, 10 Polish universities were on the list, including Lodz University of Technology.

11-12-2019 - 19:01