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2021-06-09 03:58:17

Modelling and Data Science combines issues from many areas of computer science. Student Piotr Skrobski tells us about his experiences of studying in English, which last year was a novelty offered by Lodz University of Technology.

I’ve chosen Modelling and Data Science because…

... I have been interested in computer science since I was a child. At first, I wanted to go for "regular" computer science. I even had the application ready to be sent out when, while browsing through the list of fields of study, I noticed something new. After looking at the curriculum, I decided that Modelling and Data Science would be my dream field. It combines many issues such as programming, physics, and high-level mathematics.

Modelling and Data Science is a new field of study that started last year. What is the first year like?

Although first-year curriculum contained quite predictable courses, such as introduction to programming, physics and mathematics, they were not boring. For example, in the introduction to programming we did not learn dry theory, but we did a lot of interesting projects, such as implementing a game in a graphical environment or simulating the development of a pandemic.

Modelling and Data Science is a field entirely taught in English at IFE. What opportunities does it open up for students?

This field places greater emphasis on projects, including those carried out in collaboration with foreign centres. For example, we will be carrying out an inter-departmental project within the modules during the second year. This year we’ve had an introduction to PBL, project-based learning. Within this course, we’ve learnt effective methods of group work, as well as information retrieval based on scientific articles.

Of course, this is only the beginning. Furthermore, the curriculum contains courses such as computer simulations, quantum computing, machine learning or artificial intelligence. We will see technologies that still sound like science fiction to many!

In your free time...

Studying Modelling and Data Science leaves a lot of free time to indulge your passions. I participate in meetings of the student research group where we create computer games and computer graphics. I appreciate it very much, because not only do I do something interesting, but I also consolidate the skills acquired during classes (programming, linear algebra, etc.). Of course, all study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Even besides participating in the research group and learning modules, I also have time for my other interests, such as reading books or painting.

What I value most in my field is ...

... high level of education. The choice of courses is really interesting - it would be difficult to find another field that would combine them in such a way. There is also a good atmosphere between members of our group as well as between us and the professors.

After graduation...

I would like to work as a programmer. However, the field itself opens up many more options. In the future, one can find employment as a data analyst, data engineer or modelling specialist. However, I am optimistic and hope to find a job in a profession that does not exist yet but for which I will be well prepared after my studies.


Piotr Skrobski, Poland
Modelling and Data Science student

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