What needs to be remembered during mobility?

A person benefiting from the Erasmus+ grant is obliged to give a presentation about Lodz University of Technology and to explore further possibilities of cooperation with the receiving university. Upon return, the beneficiary will be asked during a separate meeting to present examples of good practice in the field of organisational solutions or education related to the area within which the mobility was implemented.

Confirmation of stay:

The confirmation of stay should be issued on the receiving institution's letterhead at the end of the mobility and include information on the attainment of the objectives described in the Mobility Agreement.

In the case of academic staff mobility for teaching, the confirmation of stay must additionally contain information on the number of teaching hours, in accordance with the information contained in the Mobility Agreement.

The period of mobility included in the confirmation of stay should be in line with the period of mobility specified in the financing agreement.

The start date of the mobility period is the first day and the end date is the last day on which a participant in mobility must be present in the receiving institution in accordance with the Mobility Agreement.

Sample confirmation of stay (content) is available below:

Information for Mobility Participant


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