How to settle mobility?

Each TUL employee is required to submit a mobility confirmation issued by the receiving institution containing information on the achievement of the objectives described in the Staff Mobility Agreement.

In the case of academic staff mobility for teaching, the confirmation of stay must additionally contain information on the number of teaching hours in accordance with the information contained in the Staff Mobility Agreement.

Sample confirmation of stay for teaching.

Sample confirmation of stay for training.

An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the application process, generated by the Mobility Tool system, asking for an individual report of the mobility participant in the Erasmus+ programme. The report should be completed within one week of the date of receipt of the correspondence.

After the mobility has been completed, each of the employees will be asked to fill in a report, which will be the substantive settlement of the mobility.

Each of the participants in the mobility will also be invited to attend a meeting with staff and university authorities to share good practice and to present ways to disseminate the results of the mobility.

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