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2022-08-09 03:28:41
The results of the Field-based University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) have been just released by the Institute of Informatics at Middle East Technical University in Turkey.

Comparing to the previous edition the number of fields in which universities are ranked has increased from 62 to 79. Lodz University of Technology has been classified in 15 disciplines.

The highest increase has been noticed in Technology (TUL has moved up 108 places) and in Chemical Sciences (73 places up). In the former one TUL has been ranked 678th out of 1500 HEIs and in the latter – 541st out of 1500 HEIs (and 5th out of 32 Polish HEIs). In Materials Engineering TUL has been ranked 464th out of 1000 (4th place out of 19 Polish universities), and in Chemical Engineering - 495th out of 1000 (6th place out of 17 Polish universities). In Polymer Science only two HEIs from Poland have been included - Lodz University of Technology (199th place) and Gdańsk University of Technology (293rd place).

The main objective of URAP is to develop a ranking system for the world universities based on academic performance indicators that reflect the quality and the quantity of their scholarly publications. In line with this objective URAP has been annually releasing the World Ranking of Higher Education Institutions since 2010, and Field Rankings since 2011.

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