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2021-11-18 11:36:21
We would like to encourage you to seize the unique opportunity of individual work with a tutor. TUL staff trained in prestigious European universities in the second and third edition of the project "Masters of Didactics".


Masters of Didactics will cooperate with students of our University interested in broadening their knowledge, implementation of an additional, interesting project. Students can receive individual tutoring support until the end of December 2022.

Short-term tutoring for one semester is an offer addressed to first- and second-cycle students who are interested in participating in free-of-charge individual or small-group tutoring sessions lasting about 6 months. Personalized tutoring allows for individualized work with both outstanding students and those struggling with learning difficulties. In this type of classes, individual experiences and personal skills of the student and the teacher are taken into account. Classes run with the tutoring method develop the academic, social and personal competences of each participant. Students can take advantage of this form of support after accepting an application sent on a project form to a selected tutor. The list of available tutors and the application form can be found on www.



The project office is located in the International Cooperation Centre, building A-16, floor I, office 110. You can contact us by phone: 42 638 38 75 or by e-mail:

Project Leader, dr inż. Dorota Piotrowska, TUL Prof., Director of the ICC


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