As part of Component II of the Education Programme - Mobility Projects in Higher Education, Lodz University of Technology is eligible to receive the EEA grant of €95 020, where €14 253 is the contribution of Polish national funding.

The employees of Lodz University of Technology and the employees from the Donor States may receive funding for:

  • Mobility of academic teachers between TUL and the partner universities from the Donor States in order to run classes. During a one-week stay, a minimum of 8 hours of classes should be conducted.
  • Mobility of employees in order to participate in "job shadowing" trips, seminars, trainings, workshops and conferences aimed at improving skills and broadening knowledge in a given field.

The implementation of the programme lasts from 1 July 2020 to the end of September 2022.

The partner universities:

Financial support for the costs of living abroad and travel takes the form of a scholarship. The detailed rules for financing the mobility are set out in this document.

The amount of the travel scholarship depends on the distance between the place of departure and the destination. To calculate the distance, use the European Commission calculator.

Persons with disabilities may receive additional funding from EEA grants.

TUL employees interested in mobilities to the above countries will be qualified on the basis of the qualification for the Erasmus + programme.

To participate in the qualifications for the mobilities to the institutions from the Donor States, a TUL employee should submit the following documents:

Application form for the chosen type of mobility:

Host Institution Declaration:

Agreement on an individual mobility program (Staff Mobility Agreement):

At the end of the mobility, the employee is required to obtain a Confirmation of Stay from the host institution:

To apply to come to TUL, an employee of the institution from the Donor States should submit the following documents:

Agreement on an individual mobility program (Staff Mobility Agreement):

At the end of the visit at TUL, every visitor from the Donor States will obtain a Confirmation of Stay from TUL.

Contact person: Ewa Leśnik, tel. +48 42 638 38 77

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