As part of Component II of the Education Programme - Mobility Projects in Higher Education, Lodz University of Technology is eligible to receive the grant of €97 368, where €82 763 is an EEA Grant contribution and €14 605 is aquired through domestic funding. ​​​​

The employees of Lodz University of Technology and the employees of the universities from the Donor States may receive funding for mobility:

  • for teaching purposes - a minimum of 8 hours of classes should be conducted during one week of stay;
  • for training purposes - job shadowing, participation in seminars, trainings, workshops and conferences improving skills and expanding knowledge in a given field.

The project is being implemented until September 30, 2023.

Under the contract number EEA/21/K2/W/0005, employees can realize mobility in cooperation with universities with which Lodz University of Technology has signed an inter-institutional agreement. These universities include:

Mobility must be completed by September 30, 2023.

Employees of TUL interested in going to the above-mentioned universities will undergo qualification according to the rules described in the attached document.

Financial support in the Education Programme

Financial support for living expenses and travel costs takes the form of a grant. The detailed rules of financing mobility are set out in this document.

The amount of the travel scholarship depends on the distance between the place of departure and the destination. For the calculation of the grant for TUL employee, it is assumed that the place of departure is Lodz as the seat of TUL. To calculate the distance, use the Distance Calculator published on the European Commission website.

Persons with disabilities may receive additional funding from EEA grants.

Qualification schedule:

I recruitment:

by 15.11.2022 - submitting applications

16.11.2022 - 18.11.2022 - verifying submitted applications

21.11.2022 - 27.11.2022 - interviews with the Qualification Committee

by 30.11.2022 - announcement of the results

II recruitment:

by 05.02.2023 - submitting applications

06.02.2023 - 15.02.2023 - verifying submitted applications

20.02.2023 - 03.03.2023 - interviews with the Qualification Committee

by 10.03.2023 - announcement of the results

In order to participate in the qualifications, a TUL employee should submit the following documents in accordance with the announced qualification schedule.

1. An application form, appropriate to the type of mobility:

2. A written confirmation from the selected partner university (e.g. email) that the planned mobility can be carried out.

Before mobility

After obtaining a positive qualification decision, but no later than 2 weeks before the planned mobility, the employee is obliged to sign and submit to the Staff Mobility Division of ICC of TUL:

1. An agreement on an individual mobility programme (Staff Mobility Agreement):

2. Foreign travel application form:

The employee submits the application electronically (through the SAPort system) and then submits the document with the required acceptances to Staff Mobility Division using EZD system.

What else needs to be done before the planned mobility?:

  • signing the financial agreement in Staff Mobility Divicion, ICC;
  • downloading the insurance card from the SAPort system or the Wikamp portal.

In a situation where you need to book airline tickets or accommodation, please make your purchase only after obtaining the signatures of the decision-makers on all the above-mentioned documents.

During mobility

Each TUL employee is obliged to obtain a written confirmation of the completed mobility (Confirmation of Stay) issued by the host institution, which should include information regarding the realization of the objectives described in the Staff Mobility Agreement:

After mobility

The mobility participant is obliged to:

The ex-post survey along with the report should be sent to

Arrivals from the Donor States

As part of the ongoing agreement, Lodz University of Technology will host 2 university employees from the Donor States. 

In order to apply to come to TUL, the employee of the partner institution from the Donor States should submit the following documents:

An agreement on an individual mobility programme (Staff Mobility Agreement):

Each person arriving from the Donor States will receive a Confirmation of the completed mobility issued by Lodz University of Technology, which will include information regarding the achievement of the objectives described in the Staff Mobility Agreement.

After the completed mobility, the participant will receive an ex-post survey by email, which should be completed and sent back.

The above mentioned documents should be sent to

Recommendations for employees traveling abroad 

Before each departure, one should always check the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with regard to foreign travel to a particular country. Please, also pay attention to the current information on the epidemiological situation in the destination country and the applicable conditions for entering the destination country from the territory of Poland. 

Before the planned return, you should always make yourself familiar with the recommendations for travellers arriving into Poland.

Contact person: Anna Woźniak, tel. +48 42 638 38 77

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